Electron beam evaporated vs. magnetron sputtered nanocolumnar porous stainless steel: Corrosion resistance, wetting behavior and anti-bacterial activity

Stefania Bobaru, VíctorRico-Gavira, Aurelio García-Valenzuela, Carmen López-Santos, Agustín R.González-Elipe

Materials Today Communications  31 (2022)



Plasma-Assisted Deposition of TiO2 3D Nanomembranes: Selective Wetting, Superomniphobicity, and Self-Cleaning

Laura Montes, Jose M. Román, Xabier García-Casas, Javier Castillo-Seoane, Juan R. Sánchez-Valencia, Ángel Barranco, Carmen López-Santos, Ana Borrás

Cover of Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (21), 2100767



Coarse-grained approach to amorphous and anisotropic materials in kinetic Monte Carlo thin-film growth simulations: A case study of TiO2 and ZnO by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Jorge Budagosky, Xabier García-Casas, Juan R. Sánchez-Valencia, Ángel Barranco, Ana Borrás

Plasma Processes and Polymers 19 (2022) 2270008

DOI: 10.1002/ppap.202270008ed