European research project for the development of a new intelligent de-icing technology


H2020-FET OPEN- GA Nº: 899352

Synergistic anti-icing de-icing


Smart De-Icing

Acoustic waves


11F: I. D. of Women and Girls in Science

“What do scientists do?” is the activity organized by the Nanotechnology in Surfaces and Plasma group of the Institute of Material Sciences of Seville (ICMS) on the occasion of (….)

Submission Invitation: Polymers Special Issue

A member of the Sound of Ice team, Rafal Kozera (TECPAR) from the Warsaw University of Technology, has been appointed Guest Editor of the Special Issue (…)

ICMS Invited Lectures: Prof. Richard Fu

Professor Richard Fu (Northumbria University, UK) will be the next guest speaker in the ‘ICMS Invited Lectures’ series organized by the Institute of Materials (…)

Coordinated by the Nanotechnology on Surfaces and Plasma Lab, Materials Science Institute of Seville (ICMS)

SOUNDofICE is a Project funded by the European Commission through the H2020-FETOPEN-2018-2019-2020-01 GA Nº: 899352 


International consortium